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Top 5 Places to Visit in Wayanad: An Insider’s Guide

Discover the hidden gems of Wayanad

Wayanad, nestled in the verdant hills of Kerala, is a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Having spent considerable time exploring this breathtaking region, I’m excited to share my top five places to visit in Wayanad. These spots offer a perfect blend of history, natural beauty, and thrilling activities. Here’s a personal guide to help you plan your unforgettable trip to Wayanad.

1. Edakkal Caves: A Journey Back in Time

Ancient pictorial carvings inside Edakkal Caves, Wayanad, dating back to 6,000 BCE

One of my favorite discoveries in Wayanad is the Edakkal Caves. Located about 25 km from Kalpetta, these two natural caves are perched 1,200 meters above sea level on Ambukutty Mala. The trek up to the caves is quite an adventure, offering stunning views of the surrounding hills.

Inside the caves, you’ll find ancient pictorial writings that date back to at least 6,000 BCE, created by Neolithic man. These Stone Age carvings are a rare find in South India, with the only other examples located in the Shendurney forests of Kerala. As you stand inside these historical chambers, you can almost feel the whispers of the past enveloping you.

2. Lakkidi View Point: Gateway to Wayanad

Panoramic view of lush green hills and deep gorges from Lakkidi View Point in Wayanad.

Every time I drive up the Thamarassery ghat pass to Lakkidi, I’m reminded of why it’s known as the “gateway of Wayanad.” This view point is situated at the top of the ghat pass, which features over nine hairpin curves that will thrill any driving enthusiast. The 12-kilometer stretch from Adivaram to Lakkidi is a scenic marvel, with lush forests flanking the road.

The panoramic views from Lakkidi View Point are absolutely mesmerizing. Green hills, deep gorges, and sparkling streams create a picture-perfect scene that will stay with you long after you leave. Make sure to stop here for a moment of tranquility amidst nature’s grandeur.

3. Karapuzha Dam, Adventure Park & Garden: Thrills for All Ages

Expansive view of Karapuzha Dam with adventure park attractions and scenic rolling hills in the background

For a mix of adventure and relaxation, Karapuzha Dam is a must-visit. Known as India’s second largest earth dam, the sight of the expansive water body against the backdrop of rolling hills is truly spectacular. But the real fun begins at the Adventure Park & Garden.

I had an absolute blast on Kerala’s longest zipline, stretching 605 meters of pure excitement. The trampoline park is another hit, especially if you’re traveling with kids – the 16-grid trampoline is guaranteed to tire them out! And for a unique experience, don’t miss the bungee trampoline. The whole area is a playground of thrills set against a picturesque landscape.

4. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary: A Wild Encounter

Herd of elephants grazing in the natural habitat of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

If you’re an animal lover like me, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary will be your paradise. Spanning 344.44 km², this sanctuary is divided into four ranges: Sulthan Bathery, Muthanga, Kurichiat, and Tholpetty. Each offers a chance to see India’s magnificent wildlife in their natural habitat.

On my visit, I was fortunate enough to spot a herd of elephants and the majestic Bengal tiger. The sanctuary is also home to deer, gaur, and a myriad of bird species. The safaris here are thrilling, offering close encounters with these incredible creatures and a deep appreciation for nature’s wonders.

5. Kurumbalakotta Mala: A Hiker’s Delight

Stunning panoramic view from the summit of Kurumbalakotta Mala, showcasing the confluence of the Western and Eastern Ghats.

For those who love a good hike, Kurumbalakotta Mala is the perfect destination. Located 20 km west of Kalpetta, this monolithic hillock rises to 991 meters above sea level. It’s centrally located in Wayanad, making it easily accessible.

The trek to the top is moderately challenging but incredibly rewarding. As you ascend, the landscape unfolds to reveal the confluence of the Western and Eastern Ghats. The panoramic views from the summit are nothing short of breathtaking, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle below.


Wayanad is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. Each visit unveils something new, and these top five places are just the beginning. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or an adventure seeker, Wayanad has something special for you. Pack your bags and get ready to explore – I promise, it’s a journey you won’t forget!

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